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Our Approach

We listen. We create. We implement.

Designing places for people

The highest compliment we receive from our clients is that we listen, truly listen. We create beautiful designs that satisfy their needs. We implement the technical requirements to satisfy regulations. We build relationships with our clients, consultants, contractors, and municipalities, building places for people to live, work, and play.



We approach each project with sustainability in mind, advocating green building practices on every project we do. ​From the way a building is sited, to the systems chosen for the building, each decision we make impacts our environment. Passive design strategies can be used to capture the warmth of the sun in the winter or provide shade in the summer. High insulation levels and air tightness in buildings reduce the energy required, allowing smaller mechanical systems to be used for heating and cooling. We can choose materials that have high recycled content or are sustainably produced. We can also  specify how demolition and construction waste is handled. All of these and other strategies are simple ways we can help reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Experience

We specialize in transforming existing buildings, deep energy retrofits, and high performance new buildings. The majority of our work is in the Residential sector, but we also have experience doing Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial projects. Our experience includes Single Family & Multi-Family Residential, Mixed-use, Retail, Commercial Offices, Churches, Schools, Libraries, Community Centers, Industrial Warehouse projects, Historic Preservation, and forensic architecture.

Our Services


We perform the role of Architect on all of our projects and hold a Certificate of Practice from the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC). Buildings that fall under Part 3 of the BC Building Code and some buildings that fall under Part 9 require the Services of an Architect. We are qualified to do this work. Basic Architectural Services follow a 5-Phase process outlined in the Standard AIBC Contract: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction Procurement, and Construction Contract Administration. Some projects required a Pre-Design Phase, and some require Additional Services. At the beginning of the project, we discuss your specific needs, explain the work included in each Phase of the project, and together define a scope of work.


Interior Design is integral to our work when providing Architectural Services. The configuration of rooms, layout of spaces, and movement through and between spaces is the foundation of Interior Design. Our knowledge of Building Codes ensures that we meet required clearances while space is allocated to the elements needed in each space such as cabinetry, millwork, appliances, fixtures, and furnishings. We design all of the elements of the interior of the building including materials, colours, light, and special features, providing drawings, details, samples, and specifications. 3D Visualizations are used to convey how the spaces will look. The scope of work is customized for each project to meet the needs of the Client. Our Interior Design Services complete the vision for the project.


We perform the role of Coordinating Registered Professional (CRP) on our projects. As regulations have increased over the years, most projects require multiple registered professionals. On any project having more than one Registered Professional, the BC Building Code requires a Coordinating Registered Professional to be the Managing Consultant and coordinate the work of all the Consultants. Only a registered professional, an Architect or Engineer, can act as CRP. Contractors and Designers are not qualified to do this. The training of an Architect is ideally suited to this role as we are trained in every aspect of building projects. We are also the primary contact for the Client, the Project Team, the Contractor, and the Municipality, ensuring that the intent of the project is coordinated.


The Building Envelope is the assembly of materials between the inside and outside of the building. We are qualified to design, review, and sign-off on the Building Envelope and provide this service for our projects. This allows us to make decisions quickly and continue with the work, increasing efficiency in our workflow. There are critical barriers and systems that protect the building and also ensure the comfort of the occupants. We select breathable membranes for water and vapour protection, as well as air tightness. We specify insulation types, considering thermal performance, material properties, carbon footprint, and appropriateness to the specific application. We evaluate material assemblies and do energy calculations, and work with Certified Energy Advisors and Modelers to optimize the performance of the building systems. We also have experience in forensic architecture addressing rot and the related damage from insects.


Coordination & Team Building

We enjoy working in a collaborative environment, building teams of Consultants and Contractors who have expertise in their field. Throughout the project we listen to our team and incorporate feedback. This approach allows us to streamline the design process, create efficiencies, reduce revisions, and make the construction process run smoothly.


We know enough about each branch of engineering and other specialty consulting to determine who should be on the team, suggest an approach to the work, and find the right specialist to design it. We incorporate their expertise into the project and then review and coordinate their work.


Our construction experience allows us to build great relationships with Contractors as we understand the challenges faced on a construction site. We respect their input and collaborate with them to develop cost effective details, working together to solve issues that come up during construction and to deliver the finished product.


Complex projects seem to find us, but our knowledge of Zoning Bylaws and Building Codes allows us to find a path that will work. We build relationships with Municipalities and negotiate solutions that will be acceptable to all parties. We also provide feedback on new regulations and advocate for improvements to Codes and Bylaws that will address climate change.

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